2019 Fall Newsletter

164 Pages. A single copy of the Volume 54, Number 3, The Performance Issue, Fall 2019, of the PWC Newsletter with a cover featuring the first Pembroke to earn the HSDs – D Course (Sheep) “Ranch” Herding title, GCh. Pokies Country Diamond In The Ruff, BN RAE HSAds HSBds HIAds HIBd HXAd HXBd HSAcM HXAsM AX OAJ OF THD CGC, “Lil.” Forty-eight pages of color features and ads, including the cover article written by Carol Donnelly; an article about the first Pembroke Rally Champion by Walter O’Brien; and an article by Lynda McKee, “Tracking: From Starting to Titling.” Also in this issue, the 2018 Annual Awards in Companion Events, Herding and Versatility. Additionally, columns by the PWCCA President and PWC Newsletter Editor, plus a report by the AKC Delegate Anne Bowes. Specialty reports from Ohio Valley, North Texas, Greater Atlanta, Potomac 1 & 2, Golden Gate, Gaitway, and Mayflower. The Regional Talebearers Spotlight features the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club. Rounding out this issue is the Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business information, and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs. Available only as long as supplies last.

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