2014 Spring Newsletter

136 Pages. Outstanding Pembroke Issue. A single copy of the Spring 2014 issue of the PWC Newsletter with color feature articles on Outstanding Pembroke Welsh Corgi of the past, Ch. Cappykorns Bach, ROMX, written by Bev Garbutt, and the 75th Anniversary of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi League, written by Simon Parsons. Also in color, a memorial to Kay Hammell. Additional articles include Littermate Syndrome, written by Performance Editor Mary Matejcek, The Scent Game, by Kim Hundley, and reports on the AKC Agility Invitational by Barbara Farrell and the AKC CHF Parent Club Conference by Ann Marie Buonanno, DVM, PWCCA Chair, Health and Genetics Committee. Columns include an analysis and explanation of canine terminology by Conformation Editor Carrie Chase and a report by the AKC Delegate Anne Bowes. Specialty reports include Columbia River PWCC, Cascade PWCC, PWCC of the Western Reserve, PWCC of the Garden State, Lakeshore PWCC, October 25th and October 26th and the Palmetto PWCC. The Regional Talebearers Spotlight features The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State with pictures, as well as the 2013 Photo Index compiled by Melissa Ericksen. Rounding out this issue is the Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business information, the Editors and Presidents Columns and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs.

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