2017 Summer Newsletter

92 Pages. A single copy of Volume 52, Number 2, of the PWC Newsletter, Summer 2017 “Focus On Affiliate Clubs” Issue featuring the second affiliate club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California. Thirty-five pages of color features and ads, including the theme article, a history of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California, written by Barb Hughes, Kathy Dolge, and Tim Mathiesen. In addition, a preview of the 2017 National Specialty, “Corgi Royale,” including a schedule of events plus photos and diagrams of the venue, written by Specialty Chair Larry Adams, with introductions to the conformation judges. An overview of the National Specialty performance events written by Performance Coordinator Patty Gailey, with photos of the agility and obedience venues and introductions to the performance judges. Also in this issue, the 2016 Annual Awards in Conformation, the Register of Merit and Register of Merit Excellent title holders update, and the All Time Top Ten Sires and Dams in the United States. Other articles include an insightful piece by Elizabeth Myhre on selecting a dog for agility, and a look at the history and practices of the Andelys Kennel, an early importer of Pembrokes and a tie-in to the feature article on the PWCCSC. Columns by the PWCCA President and PWC Newsletter Editor, plus a report by the AKC Delegate Anne Bowes. Specialty reports include the back-to-back specialties of the Palmetto PWCC and the PWCC of Southern California. The Regional Talebearers include reports from the Cascade PWCC, Columbia River PWCC, PWCC of Greater Atlanta, PWCC of Southern California, and PWCC of The Garden State. Rounding out this issue is the Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business information, and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs. Available only as long as supplies last.

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