Fall 2021 Newsletter

148 Pages. A single copy of the Volume 56, Number 3, The Performance Issue, Fall 2021, of the PWC Newsletter with a cover featuring Tracking Champion CT Encore Remember When VCD1 RN AX AXJ SWM SHDM SWD VC, “Allie.” Sixty-six pages of color features and ads, including the cover article written by Gina Femali; an article by Marian Your, “Jumps Weaves and Contacts in Tulsa;” and “The Wilson, A New Herding Challenge Trophy,” by Mary Ann Wehmueller; “Rally – A “’How To” Prepare For Success” by Walter O’Brien; and “The Delightful World of Sniffology” by Wills and Marilyn Roth Basinger. Also, the 2021 National Specialty Event Calendar. In The Learning Corner, “Hands On Examination – Part 1” by Janet Bodin; “The Hands On Examination,” by Stephanie Hedgepath; and the AKC DNA update. Also in this issue, the 2020 Annual Awards in Companion Events, Herding and Versatility. Additionally, columns by the PWCCA President and PWC Newsletter Editor, plus a report by the AKC Delegate Anne Bowes. The Regional Talebearers features reports from the PWCC of Southern California, Lakeshore PWCC, PWCC of Southern California, Mayflower PWCC, PWCC of the Western Reserve, and the PWCC of The Rockies. Regional Specialty critiques from Ohio Valley PWCC, North Texas PWCF, PWCC of Greater Atlanta, and Mayflower PWCC. Rounding out this issue is the Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business Information, and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs. Available only as long as supplies last.

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