2020 Winter Newsletter

96 Pages. A single copy of the Winter 2020 issue of the PWC Newsletter featuring a National Specialty Retrospective, including 71 pages of color articles and ads. The cover photo is of Ch. Garvins Summer Color CDX TD, the 1983 PWCCA Best of Breed and the winner of the oldest BOB win photo submitted. Also included in the Retrospective are “Regional and National Specialty Best of Breed Data,” a “Retrospective on Nationals Past,” “The View from England,” and “A Retrospective: The World Show 2006.” The Class of 2020 members are introduced, as are the scholarship winners. The Learning Corner includes articles on structure and movement, the PWCCA Judges’ Education Committee, the Canine Health Information Center, pyometra in dogs, the AKC Code of Sportsmanship Part 2, barn hunt, and the AKC Museum of The Dog update. The Spotlight is on the Mayflower PWCC, and Regional Talebearers reports are from PWCC of Southern California, PWCC of Greater Atlanta, Columbia River PWCC, PWCC of the Garden State, and the Palmetto PWCC. The Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business information, Regular Editors’ Columns and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs round out the issue. Available only as long as supplies last. Purchase in the PWCCA website Boutique.

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