2020 Fall Newsletter

104 Pages. A single copy of the Volume 55, Number 3, The Performance Issue, Fall 2020, of the PWC Newsletter with a cover featuring the first Pembroke to earn both an OTCH and a MACH, OTCH2 MACH2 Highgrove Surf’s Up At Rincon, UDX14 OGM RE HSAd HSAsM MXC MJG MXF T2B2 CA VCX, “Gidget.” Fifty-six pages of color features and ads, including the cover article written by Amy Balchum; an article by Mary Ann Wehmueller, “Form Supports Function;” and in the Performance Section, “Obedience Titles and What They Mean,” by Amy Balchum; “Getting Started In Agility” by Chris Mosley; “Barn Hunt With A Corgi,” by Mary Fine; “So You Want to Begin Nosework/Scent Work with Your Dog” by Kathy Schmidgall; “Herding 101” by Ellen Gerwin; and the Tracking Series, continued, by Lynda McKee. In The Learning Corner, “Structure and Movement in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi,” by Stephanie Hedgepath; “Hermangiosarcoma,” by Deborah Dennis, DVM; “Indolent Ulcers” by Feli Noeller, DVM; and “The AKC Code of Sportsmanship, Part I.” Also in this issue, the 2019 Annual Awards in Companion Events, Herding and Versatility, as well as the Revised (Corrected) 2019 Conformation Awards. Additionally, columns by the PWCCA President and PWC Newsletter Editor, plus a report by the AKC Delegate Anne Bowes. The Regional Talebearers features reports from the PWCC of Southern California, Lakeshore PWCC, Sunshine PWCC, and Palmetto PWCC. Rounding out this issue is the Calendar of Events, PWCCA Business Information, and color and b/w ads featuring PWCs. Available only as long as supplies last.


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