2023 Health and Genetics Survey

The PWCCA Health and Genetics Committee is requesting that all members please fill out the health survey as described below.
As members of the parent club we have the responsibility of protecting the gene pool of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  While all of us seek to develop and maintain dogs of the highest quality, we are limited by what can be seen from the outside of the animal.  Our goal has been to achieve breeding dogs that closely resemble the breed standard and maintain the instinct and ability to do the work of herding.  But without the collective experience of all of us we fail to address problems on the inside.  The following is a survey to find out what issues we are facing in the health of our breed.  If we learn what the most important problems are, we can focus our efforts on learning the potential causes.  Some of these causes may be detectable with medical screening, others with genetic tests that are not yet even developed.  Without knowing more about the challenges, we cannot improve the health of our dogs. 

Please take some time to share your valuable experience by filling out the survey using this link by April 1:  

The results of this survey will be made available in a future edition of the Newsletter.  If you have questions or information that does not fit in the format of the survey, please feel free to email Debbie Dennis at the email address below.  
Debbie Dennis, DVM 
Chair of the Health and Genetics Committee
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