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1989 - Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Lynn Brooks, Nan Butler, Entry: 292

Best of Breed: Ch. Tri-umph's Turning Heads

Best of Opposite: Ch. Heronsway Free Style, UD

Winners Dog: Blujor Carl Sandberg

Winners Bitch: Pennington Portrait

1989 Best of Breed - Ch. Tri-umph's Turning Heads

1988 - Chattanooga, TN

Judge(s): Mrs. M. Gamble, Mrs. D. Albin, Entry: 444

Best of Breed: Ch. Northrun Sea-Goin' Magic

Best of Opposite: Renefield Rockhopper

Winners Dog: Jade Tree Levi of Penway

Winners Bitch: Renefield Rockhopper

1987 - Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Ruth Cooper, Mary Gay Sargent, Entry: 311

Best of Breed: Ch. Nebriowa Coco Chanel

Best of Opposite: Ch. Haversachs George M

Winners Dog: Brookhaven Pfeif & Drum

Winners Bitch: Aurora It's Magical Jazz

1986 - Plano, TX

Judge(s): Margaret Cole, Lawrence Stanbridge, Entry: 308

Best of Breed: Ch. Northrun Sea-Goin' Magic

Best of Opposite: Ch. Trewhyl Lyric of Pennington

Winners Dog: Rivona Moon Melody

Winners Bitch: Renefield Bunny Quite Funny

1985 -  Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Michael Sauve, Janice Edwards, Entry: 327

Best of Breed: Ch. Trewhyl Lyric of Pennington

Best of Opposite: Ch. Thompson's Tom-Foolery

Winners Dog: Cinonnie Tri-Star

Winners Bitch: Marlou Heirloom Edition

1984 - Sacramento, CA

Judge(s): Mrs. M. Johnston, Mrs. M. Magness, Entry: 263

Best of Breed: Ch. Sea Masters Tigue

Best of Opposite: Pennington Gloriand

Winners Dog: Bravura's Call Me Mister

Winners Bitch: Pennington Gloriand

1983 - Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Mrs. P. Hewan, Mrs. J. Ostrow, Mrs. P. Curties, Entry: 313

Best of Breed: Garvins Summer Color, CDX

Best of Opposite: Ch. Wey Smut

Winners Dog: Wakefield Tom Sawyer

Winners Bitch: Garvins Summer Color, CDX

1982 - Boone Couty, KY

Judge(s): Mrs. P. Date, Mrs. W. Lepper, Entry 324

Best of Breed: Willoan's Lucky Lady

Best of Opposite: Ch. Brierpatch Lord Avery

Winners Dog: Peggysmill Smart Guy

Winners Bitch: Willoan's Lucky Lady

1981 -  Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Mrs. E. Pimlott, Miss M.G. Sargent, Entry: 228

Best of Breed: Ch. Pegasus Lori of Pennington

Best of Opposite: Happiharbor Here's Herbie

Winners Dog: Happiharbor Here's Herbie

Winners Bitch: Heronsway Free Spirit

1980 -  Mechanicsburg, PA

Judge(s): Mr. I. Jones, Mr. A. Taylor, Entry: 195

Best of Breed: Festiniog's Moonraker

Best of Opposite: Ch. Glynea Red Rose

Winners Dog: Festiniog's Moonraker

Winners Bitch: Caradoc's Rose Colleen

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