Versatility Awards

The Versatile Corgi (VC) and the Versatile Corgi Excellent (VCX) awards were instituted by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America (PWCCA) in 1991. The actual VC or VCX award is a lovely certificate designed by Kristin Orr. The blue border is filled with drawings of Pembrokes herding, tracking, jumping and posing and the dog and handler's names are written in calligraphy in the center. These awards are presented annually at the PWCCA's annual National Specialty show, but you need not be a member of the PWCCA to apply for these awards.

The Performance Committee of the PWCCA came up with the original point schedule. It was decided that the term "versatile" suggested that a dog should be titled in more than two events. Thus, American Kennel Club titles in at least three areas are required to earn either award.  The VC and VCX point schedules are reviewed periodically to incorporate new AKC competition venues and titles.

Title Holders

Versatile Corgi (VC) 2011-present 
Versatile Corgi (VC) 1967-2010

Versatile Corgi Excellent (VCX)

Additional Information

Glossary of Abbreviations of Titles

PWCCA VC-VCX Point System (PDF)

Versatile Corgi Award Application (PDF)